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Thor (2011) Movie Review

Thor (2011) starring Chris Hemsworth and Anthony Hopkins

Thor (2011) starring Chris Hemsworth and Anthony Hopkins

Thor (2011) , the new Anthony Hopkins movie has just been released in the cinemas.  If you are up for a bit of light-hearted, good old-fashioned fun, adventure and sci-fi fantasy, this exciting adaptation by the  creators of the  Marvel classic boys comic book hero, Thor, a mighty Norse God character brought splendidly to life on the widescreen, will entertain perfectly!

Chris Hemsworth takes the lead as the larger-than-life mighty, hammer wielding  Thor, God of Thunder, with his wild, nordic blonde mane, over-developed biceps and awesome warrior presence.  Anthony Hopkins, plays Thor’s father Odin, the great Titan God.  Natalie Portman is the astro-scientist Dr Jane Foster and Tom Hiddleston plays Loki, Thor’s manipulative, ambitious brother.

Director Kenneth Branagh manages to achieve a magical, spectacular atmosphere with his mix of special effects wizardry, humorous touches, raucous action, romance and generally pleasing visuals – the movie was not actually filmed in 3D but converted afterwards in order to team up with IMAX  3D.

Thor movie review - Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Anthony Hopkins (Odin)

TThor movie review - Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Anthony Hopkins (Odin)

This mythological story adapted from the comic books tells how the arrogant, warrior Thor is banished to earth, by his own father, (supported by his other son Loki) as a punishment for causing old wars to be resurrected through his wanton and irresponsible behaviour.  Odin takes away all Thor’s Titan powers (his Hammer) which allowed him to fight evil.  The interaction between Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and his father Odin  (Anthony Hopkins) is well acted out.

From the Marvel universe Asgard this epic adventure movie follows Thor’s journey to earth and his quest to regain his powers (find his hammer) to fight the dangerous villian from his own world who invades earth with his dark powers of evil.  The battle scenes are just amazingly powerful and really well executed.  This super-hero Thor really is comic book brought to life!

Thor (2011) Natalie Portman

Thor (2011) Natalie Portman

On earth Thor meets Jane Foster (Natalie Portman) and falls in love with her, after she rescues him when he lands on earth and there are a few funny scenes of  Thor trying to adapt to the present time on earth and explaining his origins to Foster and her team of astro-scientists who have been monitoring cosmic changes in the New Mexico desert.

Meanwhile back  home at Asgard, Loki, is left as sole heir to the throne with his brother Thor conveniently banished well out of the way.

'Thor' movie review

'Thor' movie review

Great stuff, a confident, meticulous performance from Anthony Hopkins as usual and a noteworthy performance from Chris Hemsworth, so much so that there are rumours of  Thor 11.

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Thor is highly entertaining, visually stunning and action packed, one of the best recent Anthony Hopkins movies.

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