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Anthony Hopkins is to appear at Birmingham Symphony Hall UK in concert in July 2011 …read more  about Anthony  Hopkins Piano Concert

Jan12th 2011

Anthony Hopkins has just been voted the Best British Actor of all time.  Congratulations to him for this well-deserved accolade.

As part of Sky Movies HD research to mark the start of their British Film Season (starting on Sky Movies Premiere HD on 10th January), over 30 of the best British films ever will be screened. Over 1,000 movie fans voted to name the ultimate line-up across British themed award categories including: Best Actor and Actress of All Time, Best Supporting Roles as well as Best Director and Best Film.

Sir Anthony Hopkins came in as no.1 Best Actor, just beating off Sir Laurence Olivier, coming a very close second.  Quite amazing as Olivier was Anthony Hopkins mentor!  Michael Caine was voted 3rd.

For Best Actress, Judi Dench came in at the top with over 25% of the votes, beating fellow Dames Helen Mirren and Maggie Smith.  Alfred Hitchcock was voted as Best Director ever.

Interestingly, Anthony Hopkins plays the part of Alfred Hitchcock in the forthcoming movie ‘Alfred Hitchcock and the Making of Psycho’ which also stars Helen Mirren – should be another award winner?

May 17th 2010

Read all about the Rolling Ball Sculptures in the Anthony Hopkins movie “Fracture” 2007, see Youtube videos of spectacular rolling ball machines and hear more about their meaning in the movie.

"Fracture" 2007 Anthony Hopkins as Ted Crawford with a rolling ball sculpture

May 11th 2010

Another Villain Role for Anthony Hopkins ?

Sir Anthony Hopkins

Sir Anthony Hopkins

It was reported yesterday that Sir Anthony Hopkins is in final talks about a role in the new 3D film “Arabian Nights” which is due to commence shooting in early autumn this year. The villain will be an evil sorcerer “Pharotu” in this new action adventure film full of magic, Kings and Queens, genies with lamps and damsels in distress!

May 10th 2010

Former alcoholic, Clancy Imislund speaks about how he rescued Anthony Hopkins from the demon drink

Anthony Hopkins drink problems started in the late 60’s when his acting career was just taking off on the screen – he found it hard to cope with being in the limelight.  Hopkins once said, referring to his alcoholic period “I was really sort of on a prolonged acid trip.  I saw things and had peculiar quasi-religious experiences.  I thought I was John The Baptist, and I would talk to the sea at Malibu and the sea would talk back to me.  It was weird”.  Hopkins finally quit drinking in 1975 and then joined Alcoholics Anonymous in the U.S. where he met Clancy Imislund.

“I knew he was an actor but he wasn’t as big then as he is now. I’d just been straight a lot longer than him and decided I’d teach him the little technical things to help you get through the problems of everyday life without wanting to take a swig of the strong stuff,” the Daily Express quoted Clancy, 83, as saying.

Clancy helps the homeless conquer their addictions, being MD of the Midnight Mission charity in Los Angeles.  Anthony Hopkins has been an active volunteer for some 8 years, helping others as part of his own recovery process, after Clancy urged him to give back to society.  Anthony Hopkins participates by giving acting lessons, fronting events and campaigns for the homeless charity.  The Midnight Mission announced last week that Sir Anthony Hopkins is to be honoured for his service to the charity who were there for him in his hour of need.

Hopkins says, “I could have been homeless.”