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iSatellite Link Review

For the past 3 weeks we have been testing iSatellite Link internet tv software and seeing if this revolutionary new product lives up to all the company’s amazing claims with a view to offering iSatellite Link to our customers with a free dvd movie download package.

So what is iSatellite link? isatellite link is satellite internet tv software by Movies Capital – one of the top movie download sites and marketed as a “complete home entertainment solution” which allows you to watch over 3600 TV channels on your laptop/PC or home TV and these are the main points from iSATELLITE LINK:

  • A total internet tv software including legal full dvd downloadable movie facilities and never before seen stream downloading technology!
  • Why Waste $100 a Month on Cable & Satellite Bills? (average family in UK spends £45 a month which can be saved)
  • You Get Over 3600 HD Channels. Available Worldwide!
  • No Subscription or Monthly Fee’s
  • You Get Access to Download Full DVD Movies Legally – free Movie Capital Gold Membership – limited offer
  • You Get The Stream Downloader Video Recorder
  • You Get The All-In-One Media Converter to Convert Your Downloaded Media To Any Handheld Device such as iPod or MP3
  • Don’t Waste Money On Monthly satellite TV Bills Ever Again, this works anywhere in the world!

Here’s the video to watch:

So yes monthly bills for cable or satellite are a big problem we could all do without but we thought there must be a catch, such as costly add-ons or upgrades?

This is what we found out about iSatellite Link:

  • It does do away completely with monthly cable/satellite system bills – it is true, as there is only a one-off payment to buy the iSatellite Link internet tv software and it is complete, as you don’t have to buy any add-ons – it works as soon as it is downloaded to your laptop or pc (mac users need Satellite Direct (internet TV software for MAC) which is the same as iSatellite Link, but doesn’t have the free movie package)  – all you need is a good internet connection and you can watch TV and movies instantly on your laptop or connect up to your home tv (after purchasing the software, the download took us 6 minutes using Windows Vista).  If you don’t have a cable to connect to the tv, this is all you will need to get if you want to view on your home tv but the cost of that is nothing when it allows you to do this!  If you buy iSatellite Link or Satellite Direct for MAC here you can email us and we’ll send you details of what cable you need to connect your laptop or PC to your TV – address at the bottom of this page – when emailing please give your name and date of purchase, along with type of TV i.e. HD/LCD/Plasma and laptop details.
  • no hardware to buy or install and no satellite dish or receiver
  • simple to install and easily hooked up to your big screen tv
  • there are no charges for updates – when you purchase this unique internet tv software, it comes with an automated update system to always give you the latest tv channels (the product also comes with dedicated support)

OK so far so good but in which countries can you get iSatellite Link or the Satellite Direct for MAC users?

iSatellite Link works worldwide in your own language – we tested the downloaded internet tv software both in the States and UK but have spoken at length to someone we know in Australia who also tested it for us)  – the internet tv software automatically detects your local tv channels, there are hundreds of international channels in all languages,( for example, hundreds of spanish speaking channels for those people out there who want to switch from dish latino and save big money) – we were able to get everything we looked for, all our favourite channels and so many others we had never seen before – the choice is more than any family could ever need – news, soaps, kids channels, movies, tv series, entertainment and including worlwide sports, which impressed us!  Channels from 98 different countries.  Radio channels also all worked well and downloading music was fairly easy (easier for my 14 yr old son, though!).

We hooked the signal upto our big surround sound tv and were impressed at how good it looked.

Next we wanted to test the dvd movie download, and find out exactly what the deal is with Movie Capital Gold Membership?

Movie Capital Gold Membership is a package allowing you to download dvd quality full movies (legally) and safely straight from their fast server 24/7 direct to your laptop or pc (no P2P file-sharing).  You just choose the movie and download, simple we found and very quick – you can watch the movie whenever you want on your laptop or home theater or tv.  Normally this downloadable movie package is priced at $59.95 one-off payment by Movie Capital but as iSatellite Link has just been launched, this free dvd movie download package is a bonus free giveaway for a limited period to anyone getting iSatellite internet tv software now- we feel that this is the icing on the cake, and to download free movies is just what most people will want – there is no catch or hidden fees and we were able to cancel our monthly membership to rent dvds which again saved us money on top of cancelling Sky tv! Movie Capital is not only one of the top movie download sites but legal and safe – we didn’t get any bugs!

iSatellite Link is the only product online at the momement that offers legal movie downloads on top of their satellite internet TV software, we could not find this available anywhere else, let alone free movie downloads!

Movies available for free download or streaming, range from cartoons, horror movies, family movies, comedy movies, action movies, suspense movies, adventure movies, classic movies,old movies and complete DVD releases and much more.

Additionally with the free downloadable movie bonus from Movies Capital we were able to use their tools – the tools are easy to use with simple instructions – to burn movies to DVD or CD – this was something we thought was great and not really mentioned in their sales pitch – another bonus, so we were able to share our movies and play them on the dvd player, as well as keep them in our dvd cabinet to watch our favourites again!

How soon were we able to watch free movies online? – well instantly as soon as we had signed up for iSatellite Link internet tv software and downloaded the software we started browsing for movies – their web site is quite amazing and fun to use – also easy and very user-friendly unlike some movie download sites we looked at.

Within 5 minutes of purchase we were sent a receipt by email with the proper links for support from iSatellite Link in case we ever needed it.

Finally, a few more things about iSatellite Link internet tv software for those techno people out there:

Stream Downloader: Allows customers to surf the web via a built in web browser contained inside the software and download to their computer streaming videos from almost every video stream site online! The function is not limited to specific websites or video formats (for example real player only allows to download streaming FLV files) and is open to most online streaming websites available online.

Media Converter: The Isatellite link software contains a powerful video converter that allows you to convert and transfer your downloaded videos to Ipod/Mp3/Mp4/Iphone/psp/cellphones and many other devices – great features.

We, at Anthony Hopins movies are familiar with other internet tv software available online and have tested several software packages in the past few months with a view to offering them on this movie site to benefit our customers and offer something more up-to-date but we rejected the previous software package options for reasons such as too expensive, poor picture quality and our unwillingness to endorse or offer a product we would not be happy with ourselves. We are finally happy to say that iSatellite Link internet tv software is the one that clearly ticks all the boxes  – especially with the free dvd movie download package at the moment and one final tiny point that we love is the 100% money back guarantee.

The cost? Ridiculously inexpensive now as you’re getting the launch deal which will be for a limited period only

iSatellite Link internet tv software and free bonus Gold Membership with Movie Capital $49.95/£33.22 ONE-OFF PAYMENT (we know this price will definitely go up).  You can pay by Paypal, credit or debit card.  CLICK HERE TO BUY iSatellite Link and DOWNLOAD NOW!

Save money today and cancel your monthly satellite bills!

For Mac users buy Satellite Direct at one-off payment $49.95 CLICK HERE TO BUY AND DOWNLOAD NOW!

If you are buying iSatellite or Satellite Direct here we can send you details of the cable you need to connect your laptop or pc to the TV.  Please email us with your name and date of purchase and we’ll reply asap.

If you have any queries/comments about this internet TV software please email us at: