An in depth look at the film career of Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins to play Alfred Hitchcock

Anthony Hopkins to play Alfred Hitchcock

Anthony Hopkins the actor, artist and musician has led a rich and varied life and even now at 73 is still delighting us with new movies, more art exhibitions, piano concerts and rumours of various movies in the pipeline.

You can read Anthony Hopkins Biography which details his childhood, early youth and developing stage career of this classically trained actor who started in theatre in 1960 (Palace Theatre, Swansea ‘Have A Cigarette’) and always wanted to be a Hollywood movie star from an early age.

The legendary actor was interviewed last year about his autobiography, which sadly he has since abandonned, mistakenly believing that no one would want to read about him, saying they would be bored!  Let’s hope he reviews that decision, as although there are many biographies written about him, there are gaps and episodes in his life that have only been lightly touched upon.   Read our candid interview about Anthony Hopkins autobiography.

Sir Anthony Hopkins

Sir Anthony Hopkins

His movie making career has already spanned some 44 yrs since his first movie in 1967 ‘A Flea in her Ear’ which was made for television, adapted from a stage play. Since 1967 Hopkins has starred in over 100 movies both made for TV and the silver screen.  He has also narrated movies such as the popular Christmas movie ‘The Grinch’ and various documentaries.  His rich, rounded voice was the choice for TV ad makers for both Barclays Bank and Sky HD.   Recently there has been talk of Hopkins playing James Bond in the next  proposed 007 movie and the infamous movie director Alfred Hitchcock in the new movie being made about the making of the classic movie ‘Physcho‘.

Hopkins himself is no stranger to directing movies, having not only acted in ‘Slipstream’ and ‘August‘, but directed both.

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Painting, turned into more than a hobby when at his wife’s insistance, Sir Anthony Hopkins exhibited his striking artwork first in the U.S. and then in the UK, you can see some of Anthony Hopkins paintings and read more about Anthony Hopkins art and music, including his forthcoming piano concert in the UK, where some of his own works will be performed by the Birmingham Symphony Orchestra, 2 of which he recently wrote specially for this event.  Hopkins diversification into art and music is a brave move but the actor said of this:

“I have no academic training, although I read music and I play the piano,” he explained. “And I think I have a knack for orchestration. The premise of my venturing into this dangerous new world is that I quite honestly don’t give a hoot what anyone says about it. My philosophy is, they can’t arrest me.”

That statement about sums up Anthony Hopkins current attitude to everything in the autumn of his life – he has no more to prove, having achieved his life-long dream of being a big movie star.  He has his Oscar and possibly more nominations to come.  It has been a long journey to stardom, with personal troubles along the way, including his battle against alcoholism, 2 divorces and a prolonged estrangement from his only child, Abigail Hopkins.

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