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Whether you are a seasoned Anthony Hopkins movies buff or just discovering his movies, this website will hold appeal for you as you can read movie reviews, news, interviews, movie quotes, bio and more about Anthony Hopkins, this great actor.

In January 2011 Anthony Hopkins was named by Sky HD as having been voted as the Best British Male Actor of all time.

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Sir Anthony Hopkins is undoubtedly one of the most legendary and versatile British actors of all time and at 73 years of age, he is now in his sixth decade of film making.

Anthony Hopkins todayBest known the world over for his Oscar-winning performance as Hannibal Lecter in The Silence of The Lambs’ (1991), Anthony Hopkins’ diverse roles all have one thing in common – his unique ability to immerse himself totally into his character role, lending such credibility to his best movie performances, one example being his portrayal of Adolph Hitler in the film The Bunker’ (1981), Hopkins filled his evenings off set, frequenting a German restaurant eating endless plates of Wiener schnitzel, whilst reading his lines and submersing himself in the hysterical ranting of the broken Fuhrer. So convincing was Hopkins playing this ‘madman’, another award-winning performance in one of Anthony Hopkins’ best movies.

Anthony Hopkins has played many different types of characters, from Presidents to Kings, psycotic killers, wealthy businessman, but one of his most loveable characters has to be Burt Munro in ‘The World’s Fastest Indian‘ (2006).  Interestingly this is one of the 2 speed record movies the actor starred in, the other being ‘Across The Lake’ (1988).

You’ll be able to read the best movie reviews spanning Anthony Hopkins’ entire film career from his first tv film ‘A Flea in Her Ear’ (1967) right through to the present day latest box office movie releases, such as ‘360’ (2011 – not yet in cinemas) and ‘The Rite‘ (2011).  The movie reviews are unique and only ever written from first hand viewing experience. Our eventual aim is to have the most comprehensive collection of reviews of Hopkins’ movies all in one website. We intend to cover Anthony Hopkins tv films, dramas and series such as the tv epic, Tolstoy’s ‘War and Peace’ (1972) and ‘The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case’(1976).

We have a full list of all Anthony Hopkins Movie Awards since his early days on television right through to present day successes.
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We have compiled the most comprehensive Anthony Hopkins Movies list available online and put together our recommended Top Ten Anthony Hopkins Movies of all time, as well as a large collection of Anthony Hopkins movie reviews.

We’re also interested in Anthony Hopkins the man and hope you enjoy reading Anthony Hopkins biography as well as the latest Anthony Hopkins news , related articles, interviews, movie trailers and photos we’ll post.

Reinventing himself in the autumn years of his career, Hopkins has returned to the other two great passions in his life apart from his acting, music and painting, proving that he is indeed artistic through and through.  Anthony Hopkins has exhibited his artwork around the world in prestigious art galleries with his bold paintings fetching thousands of dollars.  Having played the piano since an early age and composed film scores since the beginning of his film career, in recent years the actor has made the time to compose special pieces for symphony ochestras around the world to play in concert.  You can read more about Anthony Hopkins art and music.

Not many people know that Hopkins once released a single called ‘Distant Star‘ at Christmas 1986 which reached no 75 in the British charts, it is not really singing but speaking poetry to music.

Acting is however what most people love best about Hopkins – watch this TV commercial he made for Barclays Bank, it is pure magic – this actor can convey more feeling in a matter of minutes than most actors can provide in a life-time!  Anthony Hopkins is indeed a big actor!